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The REAL Project

Workshop 3 - Environmental Print and Books

For our third REAL event both the adults and children were keen to get out and about in the environment looking for literacy.

We set off on a trip to Crystal Peaks Library. On our way we looked for a variety of environmental print, including bus stops, road signs and warning signs. All children did a really super job of looking at their books and marking off when they saw an item. We boarded the tram and continued our search for literacy in the environment.

When we arrived at the Library we were welcomed by Dot who talked to us about how to use the library and what books were available. Children had time to explore the library and read the books they enjoy both independently and with grown-ups.

The children listened to a story read by Dot and the adults listened too… enjoying a little break and a delicious treat!

We were able to sign up to the library and borrow books of our choice.

We continued our journey through Crystal Peaks where we used our phonics to read the names of shops we passed and marked them off in our books.

When we arrived at ‘The Works’ the children got a chance to buy their own book. All of the children chose their book and used some great language and manners to buy it. We were very proud of their confidence!

Together, we continued our literacy hunting and started our journey back to school. We had a safe journey back with many very happy children, looking forward to sharing the books they had bought with their families.

A huge thank you to all of the adults that joined us on the trip! It was wonderful to see your interactions with the children and we hope you gained some more knowledge about literacy.

The REAL Project

Workshop 2 - Dinosaurs love Underpants

After a great first workshop and some valuable feedback from parents joining us we decided we would follow a similar format for our second workshop.

The second REAL project workshop took place on 13th January. We focussed on the story 'Dinosaurs love Underpants' and incorporated the strands; books, oral language and writing into the activities.

This book was chosen based on the children's interests in dinosaurs and funny stories. Parents thought this would grab their attention... and it did!

During the workshop we read the story as a group, focussing on book skills and questioning around the story. Adults and children were then encouraged to access a number of activities based around this story. These included; making a 'pants' sandwich and writing a list of ingredients, finding items and labelling objects that also begin with a 'd' for Dinosaur, matching and writing capital and lower case letters, decorating a large dinosaur with boring pants and labelling the key features, re-reading the story, using chalk and large paper to mark make around the story and sequencing large pictures from the story book.

The staff from the foundation team were very lucky to be able to see so much wonderful language and learning happening once again. Adults were showing that they had taken lots of information and knowledge from the last workshop and were able to use this to support their child during this session.

From the REAL project the adults involved have been keen to develop everyone's understanding of literacy across the foundation phase. Feedback from this group has already lead to changes to home learning and the idea of holding a phonics lesson for parents. Such great ideas and discussions are happening to improve the literacy skills of our children and Mosborough Primary School.

Thank you to those parents who were able to join us. We are looking forward to the follow up meeting to discuss your thoughts and suggestions for next time.


The REAL Project

Workshop 1 - Little Red Riding Hood.

The first REAL project workshop took place on the 9th December. Our story for this session was 'Little Red Riding Hood', we focussed on the Literacy strand 'Books'. However, it was very clear to see that parents and children also began to use skills from writing and oral literacy to complete the activities.

We started by reading the story as a large group. Together, we pointed out the important features on the front cover and talked about what we could see. We read the story together, pausing to check for understanding and we did lots of joining in.

After the story, children worked with their parent to choose and access the different activities available. They could choose from letter writing to the wolf, sequencing the story images, painting and writing speech bubbles for characters, creating maps, decorating biscuits to describe the wolf, adding instruments to key parts and watching the story using ICT.

It was great to see children and parents working together to explore the story. There were some lovely conversations and active work taking place.

Thank you to all of the parents who attended. We appreciate your support and look forward to the follow up session.


The REAL Project


Staff and parents in the foundation stage are starting their exciting journey together to 'Raise Early Achievement in Literacy' (REAL).

Parents in the foundation stage joined us for a welcome meeting to get further information about the REAL project. We promise that the cake and coffee was not the only interesting part of this session!

We talked through the different elements of the project and how it supports both the children and parents with literacy skills. It was great to have some enthusiastic parents ready to go on this journey with us.

An information book has been created to provide more information about the project and how it works.

After our informative session parents and staff are now eagerly awaiting the first workshop. It is wonderful to see some parents already putting some elements of this approach into practise.

The first workshop will be held on Wednesday 9th December 2015 focussing on 'Little Red Riding Hood with the follow up meeting being help on Wednesday 16th December.


Coming soon....

There will very soon be a display board near to the entrance of the foundation classes. This board will provide all parents with information about the REAL project as well as resources that we have used in our workshops. Any activities sent home as part of the REAL project home learning tasks can then be accessed by all parents and carers. These could be used as extra home learning during the week.